Q: Where will I be able to find the wonderful brands you carried, now that you are closed?
A: I will be posting on this web site my recommendations as it becomes known who will be carrying many of my quality lines going forward.

Q: Where do you recommend shopping for shoes?
A: Molly recommends Dardano’s for good service, healthier fit and troubled feet needs. And yes, “there is always Nordstrom!”

Q: Do you carry lines that are made in the USA?
A: A very large majority of the collections we offer are made in the United States!

Q: What is the best way to purge my closet and where do you recommend I donate what I no longer need?
A: Do it by category. Do tops one time and skirts & pants another time. Deja Blue, the “upscale” location for Goodwill at 3rd Avenue & University in Cherry Creek North is a great place to donate.


Tips On Pants

  • Straight leg pants are always in style and the most classic of styles.
  • Very narrow “pant leggings” are snug on the leg and have a more professional look than a thin legging.
  • Capri and above ankle pants are popular and cool with sandals or a casual flat.
  • The narrower the leg, the longer the top needs to be, usually below the pantyline to mid thigh.
  • Straight leg pants are best with a shorter jacket that hits either above or just below your widest point.
  • New casual pull on pants are popular…in control stretch fabrics. They are so easy and have a nice smooth look.

On Accessories

A structured handbag always makes an outfit look more put together, as opposed to a shoulder bag.