This is the Last Week of our Closing Sale

Thursday, May 25th is our Last Day

We must sell everything….

the clothes, the fixtures,

the office equipment.

See our Craig’s List site for some of the Fixtures available

NOW, you can Name the Price!

Starting Monday, May 22nd,

Any reasonable offer will be accepted.

Just tell us how much you want

to pay for any item you see.

Any offer is worth giving,

we can’t afford to keep anything.

The Prize Contest ends at 5pm

Thursday, May 25th!

10 Outstanding Prizes will be awarded

at 5:15 Thursday.

See our Contestant Board of Contestant Points

to see the potential winners

Visit our contest desk for details and see

all the prizes on display!

Molly Broeren, Owner

Thank YOU

for your loyalty, friendship,
…and for your business
throughout the past
36 years!
In Progress until
Everything is Sold


Closing Sale Hours:

Monday – Friday

9:30 – 5:30


9:30 – 4:00

Final Day


May 25, 2017

Surprises & Prizes

to be found at

Molly’s Closing Sale!